SC Attorney General Endorses Sheriff Don Reynolds

Sheriff Don Reynolds with Attorney General Alan Wilson

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has endorsed Sheriff Don Reynolds in his bid for a second term in office. In his address to a crowd of Reynolds' supporters and donors, the Attorney General cited the need for leaders with character:

"You all have seen the situations around the state involving sheriffs and scandals. You have a sheriff with character who is a great leader for his employees and you need to make sure you keep him in office for another term."

Since Sheriff Reynolds took office in January, 2017, the Laurens County Sheriff's Office has aggressively addressed drugs, domestic violence and animal cruelty, which were three major issues during the 2016 campaign. In addition to these results, the clearance rates (cases ending in arrests) have risen to some of the highest levels in the state.

"I want to thank Attorney General Wilson for his kind words of support. I am extremely proud of the work our team does in addressing crime in this county," said Reynolds.

"Drugs, domestic violence and animal cruelty are issues I heard about continuously on the campaign trail, and we are working hard to make good on the promises made to the citizens - to boldly address these problems."

"I would stack our team up against any in this state. Just look at what these men and women have been able to accomplish, especially considering the limited resources they have available to them compared to those is some of our neighboring counties. I look forward to continuing to build on the foundation we have laid in making Laurens County better."

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